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Kia Ora,

Product Market is on a mission to source New Zealand brands and products and expose the premium quality that we produce from the land of the long white cloud direct to consumers primarily in China.

New Zealand is renowned for our ability to produce quality products that are sought after all over the world. We are well known around the world for the quality of our air, water and environment.

At Product Market, we work collaboratively with local New Zealand brands to showcase, expose and expand their market direct to the end consumer in China.

With a population of over 1.3 billion, China is a substantial opportunity for New Zealand brands to extend their reach and market. We work with brands of all sizes including corporate and larger businesses. However, we have a particular interest in collaborating with smaller and boutique brands that may have a limited marketing budget to expand their markets independently.

Working with our existing business contacts in China we have the ability to navigate the logistical and cultural challenges that are faced with doing business in a different country and environment. Our partners in China place a strong reliance on us to source the highest quality New Zealand brands and products to offer their consumers.

If you are ready to take your product(s) and expand into another market, reach out to us and we can discuss how Product Market can help!

Product Market works with our partners in China to offer consumers direct access to New Zealand brands and products. By utilising the most technologically advanced sales platforms, our partners are able to offer products direct to the end consumer.

Locally we work collaboratively with you to ensure that we maximise the opportunities by compiling and providing the correct collateral to market and appeal to the end consumer.

How We Work?

 Our collaboration model is simple and set out below:




To collaborate with you, Product Market will only work with brands and businesses that have the highest integrity and values which will be evident in the quality of the products they produce along with the way they do business.

We believe that most business is done on strong trusted relationships. We are trusted by our partners to source high quality products that will appeal to the ever-conscious consumer market in China.

If you believe that you have products that you would like to explore and expand into a significant consumer market, then we would like to collaborate with you.

By collaborating with Product Market, we can assure you that we will work with you to maximise your potential of taking your brand and product direct to the consumer. The more effort that we put in together, the greater the success.

Our collaboration model ensures that our partners obtain quality products to market and sell but also minimising the risk for our brands that we partner with locally by ensuring that they are paid before the product leaves New Zealand.

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